Kim Jong-Un đã có một thông điệp lớn cho Trump


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  1. wtf HOW RETARDED IS THIS PRESIDENT?!?!?! "I got a letter from North Korea from that Koren version of me, Kim Jong Un, so I can definitely say the letter says something good, and therefore the peace summit is back on. Now give me my nobel peace prize before I nuke you damn idiots, after which I will pardon myself, because it was in self defense to myself."

  2. I think every press question to the "president" needs to end with, "you moron?" Like, "How does this diplomatic correspondence mesh with your stated international relations philosophy, you moron?" or "Do you really think you can pardon yourself, you moron?" or "Have you stopped beating your wife, you moron?"

  3. Trump is an "off the cuff" liar who will change course with the lie during the same brief conversation. He has been lying so long his lying comes as naturally as breathing. Too bad his short term memory cannot keep track of the latest lie. Consistency with the lie is important. When the lie keeps changing over a very short period of time, the lie becomes very obviously a lie to those of use who do not have a problem with short term memory.

  4. The letter was big on purpose, it's Kim Jung Un making fun of Rubio's comment about Trumps tiny hands. He is far smarter than the American Administration gives him credit for…..?? He is already five moves ahead of Trump in this game of chess

  5. could it be a joke from Kim to send a huge envelope because perspectively he knows it would make Donald's hands looks small? who says dictators don't have a sense of humour.

  6. I did the same thing in high school in my book report it was about Stephen King's Pet Sematary I said yeah it was a great book I love it and when they told me what was it about I said I didn't read it at.

  7. this guy is literally a piece of shit.. nothing funny about his shit..he is a liar and a propaganda pusher for the nasty of nasty people.he lies n lies no truth just lies n lies..his life is worth like ten cents and that's the truth..if u don't like this country then leave u tint dicked piece of shit.america is dead because of fucks like this and the lies n propaganda they push

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