Rõ ràng Trump biết nhiều học giả pháp lý?


James Corden nhìn vào tin tức trong ngày, bao gồm cả Tổng thống Donald Trump tweeting với lời khuyên của nhiều học giả pháp lý về ân xá …


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  1. Sara’s parroted comment about ‘leading scholars’ at the press briefing shows how pathetic the reporters are.
    Why didn’t someone ask why he asked legal scholars the question in the first place?

  2. People need to learn the legal difference between impeachment, removal from office, and what a pardon is about. Legally speaking, an impeachment is merely a trial by Congress of a federal politician (technically not just the president or VP, it can be a SC justice as well) to establish whether the person is guilty of 'treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.' (read the Constitution) It's the equivalent of an indictment by a grand jury. Removal from office is the actual establishment of guilt. If the Congress finds the person actually guilty of the crime, then by a majority vote they would remove them of office. Note, this is not the same as an actual criminal trial. A criminal trial, technically is breaking statute law, and is tried in criminal court, not by Congress, and follows the procedures of criminal trials.
    A presidential pardon applies to criminal law, by which a president has the power to absolve someone convicted in criminal court of a misdemeanor, or felony conviction on all records. It does not apply to impeachments. (i.e. a president who is impeached, for obvious reasons cannot just say that a guilty vote on his own impeachment is invalid)
    The legal dilemma for DT (that has never been tested) would be that even if he is charged with felony, and convicted, but not impeached or removed from office, as a convict he may technically have the power to absolve himself from that conviction. Even if already in prison, he could return to the presidency if he committed a felony, but not yet been removed from office.

    So if you want DT to pay for his crimes, you first need to remove his republican diehards from Congress (vote them out!)  to get an impeachment, then demand that he is actually tried in criminal court. Can I hear a 'Lock him up!' chant? Oh right, that only applies to women who dared to use e-mail…

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