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  1. A review on your favorite fresh product please.I've been wanting to purchase something else from Fresh,I have the soy face cleanser but I would like to hear your thoughts and/or if you highly recommend the product that you may have. 🙂

  2. this was such a great review! i’m so excited for this series! i was on the fence about buying this but i live in the city and my pores have been so much more clogged since moving here. i need anything that will keep city pollution out of my skin!
    I’d love to see a review of It Cosmetics CC cream

  3. I've been wanting to try this for a few months but looks like you have to watch like a hawk and just dive as soon as it's in-stock online. Sephora and Tatcha's website have been sold out of the product for ages. Also doesn't help that I'm in Canada where we always seem to have a lag.

  4. Hey Ingrid!! Love your videos! Would love it if you could review Kiehl’s products like the hydro face serum and toner etc. and maybe neutrogena’s new hydroboost face gels!! Much love!

  5. Hi Ingrid, long time watcher. Would you consider making a video about your plans for your future? I'm sure you realize that you're not gonna be a youtuber forever (you're getting older), and I'm just wondering if you plan on finishing your college education? I'd just love to know what you're thinking of doing when you decide to get serious with your life. Love you!

  6. I loved this! I've got really into Pixi Beauty recently but they are a bit pricey, it would be great if you could do some reviews so we can see the products in action before buying them as I really trust your opinion. Also, they're cruelty free! Hooray!

  7. Could you do a Tatcha Brand product review? Like what products are worth the money, pro and cons of the products? I'm really interested in Tatcha but not sure what products to splurge on first!

  8. I thought about buying this but I definitely don’t have the money for this luxury. I’m trying to go for a more simple product regime. But what other products do you recommend to help repair damage from pollution and the sun?

  9. Omg do more no makeup, makeup look I been loving more natural and glowing skin with just a little and light coverage. Omg I remember when we use to apply lots of products and full coverage foundation, we are growing together for the better lol. that’s why I still watching your videos since 2011, maybe? I guess we are more mature and confident ??❤️

  10. omg i was contemplating on buying it or not in the last couple of weeks. i've watched a looot of this product's review but your review is the most helpful for me because you've been wearing it for 2,5 months! thank you so much!

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