Trump đang chiến đấu cho Nga, chiến đấu với Canada


"Nga là tốt! Canada là xấu! Bánh mì kẹp thịt là bánh kếp!" Đăng ký kênh "The Late Show" TẠI ĐÂY: Để biết thêm nội dung …


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  1. It was reported before the election that Putin & co. bailed out der Trumpenfuhrer ("buying" his properties for well over market value, etc.) when banks refused to loan him money after his several bankruptcies. (That was also handy for them as a way to launder their ill-gotten gains.) So, yes, Trumpenfuhrer IS selling out to them, literally and figuratively. He IS a Russian operative.

  2. This is democracy , not what western countries are promoting. If you actually had a democracy, you wouldn't be constantly complaining about the actions of a single person acting without your democratic approval. Would that someone would be as polite to the Canadians as they are to the Indigenous peoples whose lands they remain in possession of after pushing them around in committing genocide against them. And if NATO had upheld its agreement not to have threateningly expanded to the Russian border, there wouldn't be a problem with Russia.

  3. Weakening relations with allies and shaking hands with monsters puts this whole thing in to perspective. If Trump actually looked into why the dairy Tarrifs were put in place. He'd understand why Canada can't just remove them with a penstroke and single handedly ruin the economy in their small towns. It'll take much more negotiation than threatening new Tarrifs on our lovely neighbor to the North.

    For the longest time I was fairly on board with Donald Trump. I liked that he wasn't the average politician. he spoke frankly and without holding back in order to be politically correct. I still respect that. But it's obvious that him and his team don't possess the diplomatic skills that are required to keep relations in good standing order with the rest of the world.

  4. No one seems to mention the fact that the only thing that stands between the United States and Russia is Canada! Pretty much all of the United States is missile defense system is set up in Canada! What's Donald really trying to do? Actually I really doubt if Donald really knows that!

  5. Are we finally getting peace with North Korea?
    Or will Donald Trump start World War III?
    Who will fire the first nuke?
    And will we survive the nuclear holocaust?
    Will Melania find a chance to escape?
    And will Jeff Sessions ever grow over 5 feet?

    Find out on the next episode of Dragonball Z!!

  6. You gotta wonder? Chaos is a Real thing. Chaos is what's happening. Trump is systematically destroying everything we thought to be "normal". But. Chaos is normal. Not cool with drinking on stage. Did anyone watch "Southpark"? See last episode.

  7. Canadian here. We hate Trudeau. We like Dennis Rodman. I used to watch your show when it was comedy. But you are nazi-era propaganda now. I'm not a conservative. You're a complete idiot.

  8. The world is starting to realise they cannot rely on the USA anymore. Trump doesn't see the big picture. He wants to save small change in the short term but they will lose allies, power and influence in the long term. It's excellent news for Russia and China. They have a weakened USA and a divided world. Americans like to wear t-shirts that say freedom isn't free but neither is being a superpower. You can't lose allies over a little milk and taxes on steel.

  9. …and democracy ends not with a bang but a trickle. Peepee tape aside, Colbert speaks truth, at least as far as American democracy and the American dream are concerned. Trickle down economics and all that's come with it.

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