Trump sắp có được Handsy thực sự với Bắc Triều Tiên


James Corden nhìn vào tin tức trong ngày, bao gồm cả Tổng thống Donald Trump hướng đến Singapore cho một hội nghị thượng đỉnh với lãnh đạo Bắc Triều Tiên Kim Jong-un …


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  1. Nobody has wanted to listen to what Kim Jong-un wants to talk about until now. Before Kim Jong-un, all of the previous leaders of North Korea were dictators. Nobody can deny it. However, Kim Jong-un has wanted to change their political characteristic to more democratic way from their dictatorial ruling like two previous leaders had done. He just wanted somebody to listen to him. That is why Kim Jong-un had done launching missiles, attacking, and threatening the world to make them talk with him. Who wanted to believe him because everybody think the leader of North Korea is insane unless he does something being issuable? I know what he has done cannot be justified, but still, we are in the same boat which is against nuclear. We are going the same way to give peace to the world, and I hope North Korea would be confirmed that they want to make it in a good way through this conference. Also, I hope North Korea would be able to show that they are not against us if what he wants is same as us.

  2. The UN and elite will push on with the new world order. Trump is just to throw us off . Is strange no one talks about what the elite are doing . And there plans to depopulate the world of billions

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