Christine và Queens ft Dâm-Funk: Bạn gái


Khách mời âm nhạc Christine và Queens biểu diễn "Girlfriend" với Dâm-Funk cho khán giả Tonight Show. Đăng ký NOW để The Tonight Show …


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  1. Déçu de dingue alors qu'elle avait tout pour réussir. Même les Americans n'ont pas compris ce qu'elle chante quand on lit les commentaires 🤣 French touch avec un manque de travail. Tout le monde ne sait pas chanter correctement en anglais. Bref Chris connu en français tu vendras plus non ? (il me semble qu'ils ont kiffe le français la 1ere fois alors ne change pas juste pour eux car ça te nuis)

  2. one of the most skilled artist of the day. Own lyrics, own music, own producer, own choregrapher, own direction on stage and in clips, has a very very high grade school paper. Also a very good little novels writer, and perfect in english while on international interviws..

  3. performances of her you can to watch to discover her ^^:
    1) BBC2 Later with Jools Holland , wait til the ending when she pays tribute to PRINCE with an amazing energiesque funky performance):

    2) "Tilted", performed at the Brit Awards 2017 + nomination:

    3) official video "Saint Claude" (Madonna copied the idea for her "Living For Love" video) – amazing song (sung in french and english "here's my station")

    4) "Girlfriend" on BBC Later show

    5) "Tilted" sung by her and the whole concert audience at Brit London Academy Brixton Festival

    6) "Tilted" at the Graham Norton show UK

    7) Christine at the Victoires, the French Grammy Awards ceremony (very 1st performance)

    8) "from Paris to Pop Star": Channel4 News (documentary)

    9) Madonna & Christine and the Queens:

    10) "Christine" at the Victoires 2015 (French grammy awards)

  4. before you guys make fun of her French accent when she sings, know that even in french one cannot understand the lyrics, she said in interviews that she likes to play with sequences of phrasing so that to make people search for the lyrics and she said them lyrics are there to serve the rythms and beats For those who never heard of her, she is a phenomenal artist who burst in France 4 years ago, totally unknown with her own very personal style of dancing and singing, mixing influences from Funk and Michael Jackson. She also conquered the UK and was nominated for a Brit Award. Madonna loves her and asked her to come on stage with her + madonna copied her video "SAINT CLAUDE" for "Living For Love". Christine and the Queens likes to write very cryptic lyrics. She's NOT litteral. She's more poetic and with a lot of references and metaphors. She was the cover of TIME MAGAZINE (excusez du peu!) :
    and TIME labelled her the leader of the next generation of artists in the music industry:

    Wanna know what she sings and her style of dancing: here are my selections

    (song "christine")

    (song "Tilted" at the Brit Awards)
    recent interview on BBC2 with Jools Holland and the Later show :

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