Những kẻ bắt nạt thời thơ ấu của Ed Helms đã truyền cảm hứng cho câu khẩu hiệu của anh ấy trên 'The Office'


Ngôi sao 'Tag' Ed Helms có tiếng cười cuối cùng bằng cách biến biểu hiện yêu thích của những kẻ bắt nạt thời thơ ấu của mình thành nhân vật của anh ấy Khẩu hiệu của Andy trong 'The …


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  1. I must admit, I have never watched "The Office" because the storyline was boring. I didn't watch the Brit version for the same reason. Love the actors in both but there is no real plot. It still doesn't look interesting to me. Maybe it's because I worked in an office for years & hated it; I don't know.

    But I do enjoy EH's movies! He is hilarious!!!

  2. Hell I still watch the daily shows from when it was Craig Kilborn. Topical, when done right, you can always sit and laugh at again something like "hahaha remember when we thought Bush was insane ….. " Gives you a break from the gong show of today.

  3. Let me just state the obvious:  I love Stephen Colbert.  His monologues are instant classics.  But his interviewing skills suck!  He is always butting in, demanding attention for himself.  No guest gets to finish a story–ever.

  4. LOL…I had pennies dumped down my shirt at a junior high dance that I went to alone by a kid named JJ…when I worked in the school cafeteria serving food to other students a boy named John would come through my line and yell "drill team shoot her" and use his hand as a gun….once I won the race to be 9th grade president and these 2 good looking popular twins would wait for me after school to throw dimes at me…..in an empty hall….and of course not realizing who really switched my president picture in the yearbook to put Karen Allen (cool chic now that I can see her dad was NSA for Reagan) as President and me as vice was evil fucking crud sucking bitch lilith …. tear her a new asshole dear Jesus…I am fine the tourrette's will keep popping up for a little while….

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