Thế giới thú vị của Contessa Federico


Đi du lịch một cách chu đáo, bạn kết nối với cả hai nền văn hóa khác và những thời điểm khác. Và bằng cách "kết nối", tôi có nghĩa là bạn đạt được sự hiểu biết và sự đồng cảm ….


14 Nhận xét

  1. I think the most fascinating part of the whole video is that he walks outside and it’s a neighborhood and building where you would never know such an event was taking place or that such a beautiful dwelling existed. You’ll never find these places staying on a generic tour. See the major sights with a tour, then explore on your own. Keepin’ on travellin’

  2. Country's culture is the base of any country. It is literally inspiring how they maintain the roots of their age old cultures. Resonating sound of the choir brings out the charm of the Contessa. Thanks Rick for uploading.

  3. So happy to see you're there shooting new episodes Rick! We've been reading and watching you now for nearly three decades, and you've inspired us to even start our own little travel channel with a focus on thoughtful travel! ?

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