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Này, Guys! (XEM TRONG HD) Đây là một đoạn video mà tôi làm một bộ mặt trang điểm đầy đủ bằng tay phải của tôi! Tôi hy vọng bạn vui! Cảm ơn đã xem! xoxo! —-TÔI…


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  1. Leftie here! I actually do my make up with both hands. For example eyeshadow I just swipe the brush from hand to hand and work with them. For things like this is okay, but when I need to do some strenght my right hand is useless ?

  2. i watched it becauseyou said on your video that kat von d blotting powder removed tour pores. i checked it. you are really jolly. seems everytime you do mascara it was like always your first time and you are excited! ^_^

  3. #kathleenlights This is so funny,I've watched soooo many of your videos and I just noticed like two days ago that u are left handed and now I'm watching this video! Lol I don't know how I didn't see this video you and all ur videos! Ur such an inspiration and ur my favorite you tuber! Looveee youuuu! Xoxooxox -Heather Renée

  4. is there anyway you can do a video on how you bronze your face so perfectly I have a similar skin tone light tone to my face and whenever I try to bronze it I look like I rub self tanner incorrectly all over my face and yours always looks so incredibly beautiful and Flawless I've watched you do it in your tutorials but you do it pretty quickly so I'm wondering if I can get a detailed video with an explanation on what you use and how and everything like that please please I look through your videos since I've watched probably more than half of them and couldn't find anything on bronzing so if you have one could you just link it in a comment back thank you you're the best @kathleenlights

  5. I actually always use both hands to do my makeup, especially for my eyes! It's almost impossible for me to my eye makeup with the opposite hand so I always end up using my left hand to do the makeup on my left eye

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