Trump gặp Kim Jong-un: Cái nhìn gần hơn


Seth xem xét kỹ hơn cuộc họp lịch sử giữa Tổng thống Trump và Kim Jong-un của Bắc Triều Tiên. »Theo dõi đêm khuya: …


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  1. Sorry y'all. but this is great news. the first grand thing Trump has done. the democrats, republicans, news media continuously drag America into wars. all my life for decades living in America, I've watched America bomb terrorize plunder small countries. killing thousands of civilians where the true motivator is capitol gain, oil, the petrol dollar. Since America continually is governed by super packs, wealthy donors, wall street, banks, corporations that are greedy; and we keep running and electing bogus sub-intelligent politicians. (except for Obama who was smart but controlled by democrats and republicans). we really need a third party with intelligent kind empathetic candidates. Since Dems and Reps are continuously supporting funding the American War Machine – It's time that America stepped down as 'the free world leader'. America needs to make amends with countries without making Dem/Rep/Media demands.
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  2. while the President was in Singapore meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un — a meeting that Republicans had decried when then-President Barack Obama said he would be open to sitting down with Kim — the response from the bulk of Republicans back home was largely celebratory. ?

  3. I like the late night talk shows and making fun of Trump but something significant has happened and that needs to be credited. Even though Trump didn't have much to do with the results the denuclearization talks have started off at a good pace. I like all the late night talk shows but they must present the facts also apart from what stupid things Trump did or said.

  4. Libtards are the real joke…. you laugh with yourselves like crazy people in an asylum for the insane. The disease is you and your fake news media… You are the crazy uncle nobody talks about….. You are the genetic misprint chained in the basement. Look in the mirror when you laugh and witness the emptiness of your own reality.

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