Hannibal Buress giải thích những gì sai với từ "người nước ngoài"


Hannibal Buress nói về Tag, kế hoạch du lịch sắp tới của anh ta và tại sao anh ấy lại có vấn đề với từ "người nước ngoài". »Theo dõi đêm khuya: …


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  1. I moved to China temporarily for schooling and was called an expatriate while in Shanghai. I was not immigrating there because eventually moved back to the United States after school was over. There is a big difference between immigrants and expatriates. I understand Hannibal is trying to make a joke and usually enjoy his humor but this is kind of ignorant.

  2. I think the difference is that immigrants plan to stay in the new country permanently and are usually trying to get citizenship there. Expatriates live in a different country temporarily and keep their original citizenship.

  3. That is NOT the difference. Immigrants, whether Asian, European, African, or South American, are usually moving permanently, for financial or other reasons, and seeking citizenship. Expats relocate temporarily, but usually don't want to change their citizenship. They still have homes, bank accounts, and vote in their country of origin; not always, in either case, but in general. My children tell people I've been on a staycation for eight years. Color/race has nothing to do with it. I am an American expat. My business partner is a Nigerian expat; both of us maintain legal addresses, etc, and divide our time between our home and adopted countries. Many of the people who work for us are immigrants, but not all; they are seeking citizenship, and most have no ties other than family to their home country, and no intention of returning. Refugees, whom people lump in with immigrants, are people who are fleeing imminent danger of some form and seeking REFUGE someplace safer, with the hope of returning home some day.

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