Michael K. Williams giới thiệu Anthony Bourdain 'The Hood' (Brooklyn)


Ngôi sao 'Superfly' Michael K. Williams nhớ Anthony Bourdain tham gia các dự án ở Flatbush cho một tập 'Không đặt trước'. Đăng ký …


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  2. BELOVED BOURDAINE, american joyful educator chef genius, BURNED BRIGHTEST, at both ends. do this to live long, not. yoda. loved, he had moments of joy, if with alcohol/drugs.
    did tony choose & why; cultural, ocd, shock? my extrovert 'successful' dad CHOSE "no intention of being 50," then awkwardly lingered, impoverished, into late 70's.

  3. "So much noise, so little signal."

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