Mueller Probe là về để 'Hit The Fan'


Nhân viên pháp lý của Michael Cohen có lắc lư bình tĩnh trước cơn bão không? Bởi vì hầu như không có ai bình tĩnh về nó. Đăng ký "The Late Show" …


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  1. Flip on what? The fact that Trump Banged a porn star years ago. They payed her off to be quiet. Maybe they screem campaign finances and even if it sticks, they still can't impeach him. What does that have to do worth Russia? He still wins I 2020. Am I wrong?

  2. We don't have a written agreement with Germany either , how do we know Merkel will not blow the USA up ?

    Oh yeah we have Trust, no written agreement stopped Hitler from killing millions.
    So the only thing in this world is Trust.
    It is even written in the dollar bill.

  3. Iran that doesn't actually have nukes is actually respecting a sign treaty that have been followed by international inspectors on the ground and this idiot nuked the agreement. North Korea promised him they would dismantled it's actual nuclear problem with no assurances or inspections and this idiot is ok with that. Trump is a moron. Amazing how this potato is actually president of the US. Are you insane?

  4. There has to come a point when Cohen stops believing that trump will pardon him if he stays quiet and Cohen thinks, “What if he doesn’t?” Based on previous trump behavior, Cohen is likely to fold like a cheap suit.

  5. Funny as per usual but you only help Trumps ideology by portraying Cohen (and others by proxy) literally as a rat. The purpose for labelling informants as rats is to demonise them and make people feel justified if they are killed.

  6. Can we actually see something happen? Its become a topic of discussion almost everyday and it is becoming really boring because Trump is still unaffected. I dont support trump but I dont think its fair to hype it so much unless there are major results to support your content. Its getting boring sorry

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