Nhiệm kỳ tổng thống của Trump là một câu đố tự tạo khổng lồ (theo nghĩa đen)


James Corden nhìn vào các tiêu đề gần đây, bao gồm một báo cáo về Tổng thống Donald Trump trích xuất các tài liệu sau khi ông đã thực hiện với họ, chỉ để …


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  1. Dominos please come to Rochester, NY and fill or potholes! I've already gotten 2 flats from them despite trying to avoid/dodge them. There's too many crazy deep potholes. I'm afraid someone will get their tire stuck in one, one day.

  2. The vegan designation matters to vegans because they’re committed to using only products that have no animal component. This means not only not eating meat or dairy, but also not wearing leather, silk, or in the case of crayons, wax. I admire people who make this a priority in their lives, but could never pull it off myself.

  3. James, people like you would rather Trump went to war so you could try and make a point, which is absolutely disgusting. You have put political gain before the safety and peace of the world. One day people will wake up and show people like you are only in it for yourselves and couldn’t give less of a damn about the ordinary people. I used to have respect for you, your content was funny but you have politicised it more and more and now it’s not worth my time watching your content anymore. I used to come to places like this to try and escape the political world. It’s a shame it’s come to this.

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