Howie Mandel đang ngây ngất về chiếc chuông vàng của anh ấy Courtney Hadwin – America's Got Talent 2018


Howie đi vào chi tiết về thời điểm Buzzer vàng của mình và giải thích làm thế nào đây là thời điểm tốt nhất ông từng là một phần của Mỹ Got Talent ….


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  1. What is going on this year? Contestants are going to all the talent shows around the world? How can a Brit on the finals of The Voice UK kids be allowed on AGT or the winner of Asia's Got Talent also be allowed to be on AGT. What happened to discovering new talent. Maybe there should be a AGT -PRO version where successful performers compete. Otherwise, people like Terry Fator or Bianca Ryan would never have been seen

  2. This is a little girl with pink hair this is not the lady on the picture with black hair the lady with the black hair is my mom I'm going to be on American Got Talent next year 2019 I'm still thinking of my talent I have like 20 I might be singing the Spice Girls what do you really really want song I've been working on my singing every day even when I didn't know I was going to be on America got Talent my voice is a little sore right now I watch American Got Talent almost everyday on my phone or the TV mostly on my phone

  3. Grace Vanderwaal: (turns on this video) I bet he'll say I'm still the best?
    Howie: Everyone will know who Courtney Hadwin is!
    Grace: That's what he said to me! Hey that's okay though, she deserves it!
    Howie: She is the best talent we've EVER seen on ANY show!!
    Grace: ?????never liked him anyway

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