Bà của Dwayne Johnson đã tham gia đấu vật


Ngôi sao 'Nhà chọc trời' Ngôi sao của Dwayne Johnson có một lịch sử đấu vật lâu dài. Bà của anh thậm chí còn có một động thái gọi là 'bước vào vòng mà không có …


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  1. I missed the first line of "end the speculation" and was thinking…
    Why are there 2 Stephen Colberts? Wait… Then I thought I saw Dwayne Johnson. But then… Ugh… I keep thinking they're the same person.

  2. 3:01 Stephen caught saying /doing something he probably should not have been, and is slightly embarrassed… ???? Sooo cute and naughty at the same time ??? is there a word for cute and naughty? Germans must have such, i bet ?

  3. I just googled for a picture of his daughter and by God the saying about Samoan women is true. That 16 year old girl is as tall as her dad. By the time she stops growing she will be taller. What on earth does he feed her?

  4. Ok I stopped the vid at 2 mins in because he seriously grosses me out and that suit is fucking ridiculous. edit: I would never think of dating a guy that looked like that, I am actually gagging while typing this.

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