Các bản vá lỗi: Những cú sốc 13 tuổi đối với khán giả gốc Rap – America's Got Talent 2018


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  1. The second he said I would go see Hamilton on Broadway i was like… YASSSS THIS BE MA WINNER GO SEE HAMILTON LIVE YOUR LIFE I LOVE YOU…. but then he started rapping and …… CRINGE, I changed my mind but yes hamilton is great.

  2. There is nothing wrong with the lyrics, the problem is if you know anything about hip hop, you know that he needs to work on his flow. He's literally using one syllable words almost the entire time. Granted, the beat wasn't extensive enough with triplets, and more to accompany better lyricism, but the point is, he needs to work on bettering his flow, and his delivery and timing needs work as well. His flow is reminiscent as if Disney and Jake Paul made a baby. Just being honest. Props to him for getting up there and doing a performance.

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