Hoa Kỳ đe dọa Ecuador qua … Cho con bú?


Hoa Kỳ đe dọa Ecuador với hình phạt thương mại và viện trợ quân sự vì Ecuador muốn cho con bú dễ dàng hơn. Đăng ký "The …


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  1. The US threatens Ecuador with trade sanctions over a breastmilk resolution? So not only is Asserica a bully, it's a petty one too.
    Weird that Trump and the US government would bitch about being mistreated by allies when they themselves pull stuff like this.

  2. As a mother the pressure from both sides is ridiculous, yes breastfeeding does provide benefits that formula can't but formula is a exultant alternative that has saved lives.

    There is so much stress trying to do what's best for your baby with judgemental people eagerly waiting to pounce. Everyone feels entitled tell you how to raise you children with no thought for the context of the situation.

    When you see someone feeding a child keep your mouth shut, boobs are not monsters waiting to corrupt unsuspecting passersby and take over the world and formula is used by parents for a variety of reasons based on an individual's circumstance.

  3. Infant Formula is artificial crap that they make in a lab. This racket is also the the fastest growing one in the packaged Foods industry, worldwide.

    Forget about any repercussions, they don't want any competition from Nature when it comes to destroying the planet, and now they're targeting babies. This is one if the reasons I believe in hell.

  4. Trump & his Government have sunk to a new low with opposing the World Health Organizations breast feeding resolution just to satisfy the greed of American baby formula manufacturers is just wrong on every level, I mean who cares about what’s best for babies the world over, right? Then to bully & threaten a poorer country like Ecuador to change their vote is appalling, but then it is Trump after-all!

  5. I was a child development major and we always joked about formula being called "formula." Nothing natural about it, it is engineered. Anyway, it can sometimes be the only thing a parent can give, and that's fine. However, it is not the best option. Breast is best!

  6. Again, US policy written and directed by a corporation. Nestle donates 6 weeks of formula to new mothers in the 3rd world countries. It takes exactly 6 weeks for the breast milk to dry up. At that point the formula is no longer free. In some areas, because the family can not afford to pay for the formula the babies are malnourished and sometimes die. Nestle is one of the most evil and exploitative corporations in the world. Boycott Nestle and all of their subsidiaries.

  7. Stephen didn't point out that after Ecuador was pressured into withdrawing its support, no other country would come forward to do so. That is, until Russia did. And, to no one's surprise, there wasn't a peep from the US.

  8. In 1959 breastfeeding was not in vogue so my mother gave me "formula" At that time it was equal parts corn syrup and condensed cows milk. I shit you not.
    I ended up in the hospital and my eyesight is piss poor (even though my parents have perfect eyesight).
    We have come a long way in infant formula, but if possible natural breast milk will ALWAYS be superior to something manufactured.

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