Lời khuyên vàng từ máy rung vàng – America's Got Talent 2018


Golden Buzzers Darci Lynne, Cân bằng ánh sáng, Mandy Harvey, Christian Guardino, và Angelina Green cung cấp lời khuyên chân thành của họ cho AGT! " Nhận được…


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  1. both shows bring alot of excitment happyness of many and give talent a chance to have a platform to go somewhere with it yes there are bugs and rats and vipers predators but thats always that is the rish u take to be big

  2. Apparently, people don't understand the concept of a Golden Buzzer.
    The reason why judges tend to give it to singers is because everything they are is in their act. They put their whole self into it, and it's easy to judge that because there's tons and tons of singers.
    I would definitely agree, however, that there needs to be more variety within these special people, because many dancers surrender to what they do just for this show. Leave it up to Tyra for that!
    I'm just saying, only if you have experience with judging yourself will you be able to judge others correctly.
    "Why do you point out the speck in your brother's eye without noticing the log in your own?" – Jesus

    My personal favorite is Darci, because singing with your mouth closed is serious talent.
    Do it yourself, THEN criticize all these acts.

  3. The only advice you need to get the golden buzzer on AGT is to have or to be one of these three things. Bonus points if you have all three at once!

    1. An amazing singing voice
    2. A little girl
    3. A sad sob story


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