Nhà Trắng chào đón một ông trùm tin tức Fox và vợ của ông


Nhà Trắng của Trump có vẻ thích hợp cho Bill Shine, một người đã từ chức từ Fox News trong bối cảnh vụ bê bối quấy rối tình dục Roger Ailes, …


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  1. Comedy writers have Trump to thank for being replaced by historians, now that truth is stranger than fiction. You can't make this stuff up. If people weren't hearing it on the news they would not believe it.

  2. hahahaha just like if we're a obamie backdoor mountain commie muslim parasitic luciferien globalist lying evil puppet butt how could that happen? DEATH TO ALL TYRANTS/ WAKE-UP PEOPLE TAKE-ARMS PROTECT YOUR FAMILY PROTECT YOUR FREEDOMS GOD BLESS AMERICANS

  3. I love your show , but wow to facts? Africans didnt even invent alphabet , so before white ppl came , technically Africa was prehistoric ( and many parts still are). Dont be a racist but also accept facts about intellect of race.

  4. We have always been here. We are not a trend & we are not new. We have the tools now to demand acknowledgement, to say "we are here & you cannot ignore our existence." Their bigotry doesn't change but our power to be seen has. We are not letting anyone deny our existence or our right to exist, anymore.

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