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Đây sẽ là video yêu thích cuối cùng của tôi trước khi tôi nghỉ ngơi một chút vì vậy tôi muốn bao gồm một vài sản phẩm tuyệt vời EXTRA mà tôi yêu thích! Chúng tôi …


22 Nhận xét

  1. I appreciate you for putting up videos so far into the pregnancy! Specially with all the sick days you have had!! Wish you are feeling better now ❤️
    As a fan of your channel, hopefully you take it as a constructive criticism, I found a little weird the way the video was edited. Specially the hanskin explanation I noticed a lot of cuts (?).
    I still love and enjoy your content very much!!! Wish you the best with baby no. 2 and the new adventures to start!! ?

  2. Thanks Jen for such amazing videos and your dedication to your subscribers. I wish you all the best with baby #2. Please take care of yourself these last few weeks and upcoming months ahead.

  3. Thank you for thinking about your poor viewers and how much we’ll miss you when you go on baby leave ☺️ I hope you and your family enjoy the new baby and take your time adjusting to such a lovely addition to the family. Looking forward to seeing some new baby pics!

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