9 thành phố tốt nhất ở châu Âu để truy cập vào ngân sách


Đi đâu ở châu Âu trên ngân sách? Các thành phố nghỉ mát tốt nhất và giá cả phải chăng nhất ở châu Âu có hàng tấn công cụ để xem và làm gì? Gì…


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  1. The List Starts at 0:45 for Those That Don't Want to Know Our Criteria 🙂 Also, What Are Some of YOUR Cheap Destinations Around The World That Are Great to Visit that Give You The Biggest Bang for Your Buck? Thanks again for all of your support & Happy Travels to all of You Fellow Travelers!

  2. I went to Poland in 2015 and I loved it! The zloty (at that time at least, dunno if it changed) was valued at about 1/3 of a USD, but what was cool was the NUMBER AMOUNT for things was the same as US. So if a bottle of coke is $1.50 USD at home it was 1.50 zloty, but because of the conversion it was more like 50 cents US!

  3. All these destinations are quite obvious for a European traveller. There are lots of hidden gems in our beautiful continent.Why don't you mention the south of Italy for example? My today's advice is Matera, the cultural capital of Europe for 2019. Land to Bari airport and take a bus/car.

  4. I really have been enjoying all your videos on traveling through Europe. I was born in Lisbon , military family. I spent my first four years there and am now thinking of retiring there. Full circle at all. And from there it's just a skip and hop to all those other wonderful places you talk about. I hope I can pull this off. Thanks again

  5. Everybody knows about pierogi in Poland BUT there are so many other wonderful dishes in Poland you can try. There are plenty of really good, tasty, affordable restaurants in Poland, particularly in Kraków and also Zakopane where the menus are in English as well as Polish. My personal favourites in Kraków are Szalony Widelec (Crazy Fork) just opposite the posh theatre, for a more formal meal try Miód Maliny (Honey Raspberries) in Groźne Street or Kogel Mogel just by the small square as you're walking towards Planty. Also please try the cake shop, Lajkonik (Hobby horse). They do the most wonderful sandwiches, baps, rolls and cakes you could wish for and fabulous teas and coffees. In Zakopane there are lots of places to eat that do pizza, pasta, ribs and the local cheeses, but my favourite place was Góralski Pstrąg (Mountain Trout) which does the most wonderful fish dishes cooked in the most imaginative ways. Smacznego

  6. St. Petersburg Russia is super affordable mostly because of the ruble being so devaluated in comparison to the euro or the us dollar. I could afford going to fancy restaurants because of that

  7. Hey Mark and Jocelyn! Quick question. Did you ever explain what or who Wolter is? Obviously it’s not either of your names ha ha. I need to see the video for Romania. That’s where I’m going next year

  8. There is a train that connects Prague, Bratislava and Budapest. It is insanely cheap. For the ride from Budapest to Bratislava we paid 9€ per Person and this was not a slow train, took us only two and a half hours. Worth checking out.

  9. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the feeling of coming out of the train station in Monastiraki straight from the airport, and turning around and seeing the acropolis for the first time. Truly amazing (and the food in Athens is super cheap and delicious)

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