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Này, Guys! (XEM TRONG HD) Đây là video tôi thử nghiệm một thương hiệu mới cho tôi! Mỹ phẩm chuyên nghiệp Kokie! Tôi đã mua tất cả các sản phẩm này tại …


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  1. The mascara is hands downs my favorite thing you used. You’re eye color is absolutely beautiful, you’re stunning! ?❤️ i think i’m going to try this foundation, recommend for dry skin?

  2. I️ loooove their HD foundation, it’s a liquid foundation, and their concealers. I️ stopped using the foundation bc I️ was a little more tan about a month after I️ got it, and I️ think my sister stole my concealer. I️ have the mattifuing primer and it has like a whipped sort of texture but it like peeled off as I️ was running it in

  3. You should definitely go check out the kokie brushes. I don't really love their makeup products but I use my kokie brushes almost as much as I use my high end brushes. I really enjoy them! Also missing you so much this week! I hope you're staying safe and I'm praying for all your fam❤️❤️

  4. i like kokie. my only issue so far has been the packaging. my concealer cap broke falling from the couch to a carpet floor and my bottle of the skin perfect HD foundation cap also broke and the pump cap cracked. i now have to take the stem out and use it that way. everything else about it, though, I've enjoyed.

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