Gordon Rosay's Roast Roasts


Người Anh có truyền thống Chủ Nhật Roasts để mang gia đình lại với nhau và Gordon Ramsay có truyền thống hét lên những đầu bếp tồi. Chúng tôi kết hợp …


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  1. I first came across Ramsay in "Hell's Kitchen" as a teen and found him mean and scary. Even though he keeps up the persona, I feel he's calmed a lil maybe it comes with age I don't know. I'd love to try his food though.

  2. I suspect that Ramsay has single handedly shown restaurant and hotel customers that they don't have to accept and pay big $$$ for crap food and service. Customers can speak up and demand change, and the Internet helps them spread the word (for example, via Yelp) if the restaurants don't care. I admire Gordon Ramsay!

  3. The only thing worse than Jazz is Jon Batiste's annoying "yeah aaaa" to go along with it. Ugh. I've been holding that in for so long. I can't understand how there aren't more people slapping someone silly for thinking that sounds good and should be the outro on every video.

  4. So Gordon Ramsay took a look at one and found a creative way of saying he didn't like it, took a look at the next and found a creative way of saying he didn't like it, then took a look at the next and found a creative way of saying he didn't like that one either, and someone at The Late Show decided to paint some creative editing over it and say, "We got us a show!" ?

  5. and to hate on someone's first try…not cool Gordon….not cool at all! Poor girl probably gave it all she had…I'm really disappointed in you (and I know you don't care but I'm sure, I'm not the only one)

  6. I don't know why people celebrate people like Ramsay. He's a talented cook, he was put in the spotlight in the early 90's series 'Boiling Point'. Some Channel 4 producer had clearly dined in one of his restaurants early on and thought it would be a interesting documentary to follow this foul mouthed, staff abusing entrepreneur (he sacked a guy for being noticed drinking water when the air conditioners had failed during a heat wave) while he was coping with the stress of attempting to achieve a Michelin Star. It was entertaining at the time, but it led to a whole other forms of schlock that embraced mean spiritedness and spite. Shows like the Weakest Link, or propagating people like 'Nasty Nigel' or Simon Cowell with these mock talent shows. It's something that carries over to and relates to half-wits who imagine they'd be on their side if it came to judgement. Like the cowardly weakling who sides with the bully in the playground to save themselves from torment.

    I like scorn, Lou Reed and Bowie did it perfectly with the idiotic questions they were asked when journos couldn't figure them out, but Ramsay and co have just turned derision into a culture. People love to agree with Ramsay and deride the personas abilities all the while not succeeding in any of their own.

    I'm bored of this cunt. Run your restaurant and fuck off.

  7. Doesn't LATE SHOW do enough comedy featuring a failed business man – who will whore his name brand on most any tv show, product or business; boasts unsubstantiated successes and talants; needlessly berates people in an attempt to cover for his own insecurities; and has obvious "daddy issues"?

  8. I got some roast at one of his restaurants, and it was not even as good as the roasts I used to mass produce for Events at the Tacoma Dome in Washington State. We didn't have any master chef. Just a bunch of line cooks reading the directions for our station and pumping out plated meals for Dinner Events. Those rich twats gave our Head Chef rave reviews and recommend him for promotions and made offers to open up Restaurants. We didn't have one.

    This idiot who was running the kitchen, of course took credit. And he was nothing but a hiring manager. He ended up opening his own restaurant (failed HAHA FUK YOU JIMMY). They called him a Master Chef until he blew it. But he was cool before he lost his mind. We would fuk off after work and read all the nonsense the rich people would boast in their correspondence. Laugh at how stupid they are.

    Gordon is a charming psychopath. Calling him a Master Chef is like calling Trump a great father and husband.

  9. I want to see a show where he not only sees the food and criticizes it but then goes immediately to work showing them how to do what they were attempting, as a professional. Maybe that's already a thing and I just don't slough through enough media.

  10. I'm always thinking Gordon Ramsay has a stupidly high expectations for presentation and cares very little for the quality of. He just seems to be really superficial even for a world class gourmet chef.

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