Heidi Klum tin rằng Buzzer vàng của cô, Makayla Phillips, là một ngôi sao – America's Got Talent 2018


Heidi Klum tin rằng cái chuông vàng của cô ấy có tất cả! Tìm hiểu lý do tại sao cô ấy nghĩ Makayla Phillips là một ngôi sao. »Tải ứng dụng Got Talent của Mỹ: …


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  1. The winner goes from left to right in the judges panel:
    2016 winner: Howie
    2017: Mel B
    2018: probably Heidi
    2019: probably Simon

    I'm also surprised that none of Simon's golden buzzers have won.

  2. She shouldn’t say that, Makayla still has a long way to go and it’s just too much pressure for her if her hopes are brought up now. Even in the past years, when Mel B and Howie knew that their golden buzzers we’re going to win, they didn’t say anything like that

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