LEAK: Aaron Crow bắn mũi tên về phía Judge's Head – America's Got Talent 2018


OMG! Aaron Crow trở lại với màn trình diễn cực kỳ nguy hiểm! Xem khi anh ta bắn một mũi tên qua một quả táo trên đầu Heidi Klum, trong khi quay!


38 Nhận xét

  1. This was amazing! The precision it takes to do what this guy does is unreal. I also couldn't stop laughing at Ken. ? He's hilarious. I got so excited when I saw the commercial about him being the guest judge next week. Well done! ?❤?❤?❤?❤?

  2. It takes a lot to scare me, so this didn't make me nervous at all, it was just amazingly executed. Incidentally, I've never understood the extra judges in any of these reality shows. I mean, isn't 4 judges enough?

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