Makayla Phillips Cảm ơn Heidi Klum vì Buzzer Vàng của cô – America's Got Talent 2018


Trở thành AGT đã là giấc mơ của Makayla kể từ khi cô còn nhỏ. Hãy theo dõi hậu trường xem trải nghiệm của Makayla trên chương trình. " Được…


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  1. Maybe these ppl should start The X factor back up again too much singers. MAKAYLA I love your singing but we prob need to give the golden buzzer to a non singer, it's still early in the season

  2. I think she was a good singer but I don't feel like she should have gotten the golden buzzer like if they were gonna pick a singer they should have picked the guy opera singer who had to learn an Italian song in less than a hour. She was good don't get me wrong but I felt like there were more singers better than her. Don't hate on me I'm just giving my opinion.

  3. The judges press the Golden Buzzer for kids and not adults. Darci Lynne got the Golden Buzzer. Angie green got the Golden Buzzer. Christian got the Golden buzzer. Grace Vanderwaal got the Golden buzzer. The Dominican Republic girl (I forgot her name) got the Golden Buzzer. Angelica Hale got the Golden buzzer. Courtney Hadwin got the Golden Buzzer. I mean, WHEN is the last time an ADULT got the Golden buzzer or won agt? (Besides this season) I know there are adults who have gotten the Golden Buzzer but rarely

  4. I want to be on America's got talent someday im 10 years old and my birthday is July 22 and my talent is singing and gymnastics I can do triple backflips and all sorts of things I really want to meet you guys someday even you Tyra

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