Red Hot Congressional Strzok Fest 2018


Mô tả phiên điều trần quốc hội của Peter Strzok là 'đi ra khỏi đường ray' là một sự sỉ nhục cho những chuyến tàu bị lỗi. Đăng ký kênh "The Late Show" …


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  1. Gohmert is one of the stupidest people in congress. Both he and Steve King have said some crazy, informed, and idiotic things. I haven't read Wonkette in awhile, but they used to report the insanity that escaped from those morons' face holes. It was both infuriating and sad. I really need to visit the Wonkette site.

  2. Strzok is such a punk!! It's obvious from his texts he is corrupt and biased and yet claims he had no bias LMAO!!! Even Mueller booted him out. Goes to show how pathetic and irrational the Dems have become. MAGA

  3. Hey, you left out the part where he was removed from the investigation because he was "perceived" as being biased. Gee, I wonder what made them come to that conclusion? Him saying " I can protect the country against that menace" and when asked if Trump would ever be president, he responded, "no, no he's not, we'll stop it." An investigator plotting to "stop" Trump from winning. How much more biased can you get? Dems are fools for pretending there is any other way to interpret that.

  4. The GOP are gettning desperate. they know Mueller at the very least will confirm the 2016 election was influenced by the Russians and deligitimises the present administration. They know come the mid terms, if numbers stay the same, they will lose the House and possibly the Senate. What I still can't wrap my head around is how so many of the Amercian pople can support ANY of the GOP, let aloe Trump. It speaks to a sickness deep in the soul of the USA

  5. Honestly, if you guys think this is bad, look up how Parliament gets down across the Atlantic. Congress is extremely tame compared to that place lol. Not hating on Parliament, just a RADICALLY different environment.

  6. God bless the Republicans for exposing the crooked Dems for what they care…SCUM. The dirty Dems tried to fix the election for Crooked Hillary and got their asses handed to them. It is truly shocking how dumb the commenters are here. Trump didn't take a dime from the Russians, but Hillary has taken over $100 million! Liberals are truly pathetic. There ain't no blue wave coming in November. MAGA

  7. This is what fascism looks like. An FBI employee being told he can't confer with his FBI representation or his attorney during a hearing about whether said employee had opinions on one candidate's ability to do the job of being President. This has never happened in the history of the United States.

  8. this is the way the monologs should be uploaded; not in short segments, depending on the length of the video, put advertisements in the middle or whatever and short after the show ended.

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