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Treo bên cạnh Nhiếp ảnh gia Địa lý Quốc gia, Renan Ozturk khi anh ta lủng lẳng trên vách đá từ xa Nepal để ghi lại tạp chí 'The Last Honey Hunter' …


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  1. When is this coming out to actually watch the whole thing? It so aggravating theres only teaser clips posted everywhere with no information about the whole movie. Id really like to watch it, but i have no idea how, when it comes out, where to watch it, or anything at all. Why is it so hard to find out anything about Nat Geo full documentaries?

  2. Why is National Geographic destroying nest of bee and killing brood. They didn't just take honey, National Geographic is killing bee offspring.  You write about how these bees are declining and they negative impact this is having on the ecosystem on your website and  then National Geographic is out killing bees trying to get ratings about hallucinogenic honey.   You all suck and I think you are stupid.

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