Bia mộ của Rudy Giuliani: Bản thảo thô


Rudy Giuliani không muốn bia mộ của mình đọc: 'Rudy Giuliani: Ông đã nói dối Trump.' Vì vậy, chương trình muộn có một số tùy chọn thay thế … Đăng ký …


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  1. Rudy, it’s not too late! I can only guess what dirt Trump has on you from your days dealing with him in New York, but PLEASE retire now – say it’s on medical grounds… save yourself dude!!
    Can’t believe this is the same guy I used to admire for cleaning up crime in New York, and for sgowing Bush hiw to be a staresman adter 9/11.

    Actually rather sad. He’s old, should be chilling out somewhere with his family and friends, not this.

  2. I am not a fan of President Trump's, but if he was smart (which he isn't) he would fire Giuliani since he keeps making Trump more guilty than he already was. I get that no other lawyer wants to defend Trump by choice, but there can't be any lawyers worse than Giuliani at this point.

  3. Psychic Sidekick (aka The Couldn't Fool a Granny Giuliani)

    Giuliani's under the illusion
    That "There just wasn't any collusion"
    "Or if so it's legal"
    But this intrigue'll
    Result in another resolution …

    So now Giuliani's nervously keen
    To forget that back in Twenty Sixteen
    With prescient conviction
    He made a prediction
    Saying, "just you wait, you'll see what I mean"

    And this might be the main reason why
    It seems that he is ready to cry
    And through his eyes squinting
    Because of the hinting
    That gave away the massive great lie …

    For it shows that Rudy's as complicit
    As Trump Jr. (and Mueller can't miss it)
    Nor Trump Senior's letter
    Or evidence – better …
    Rudy exposing Trump's ass, to kiss it!

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