Maggie Rogers biểu diễn 'Burning'


Maggie Rogers thể hiện một bài hát trong album của mình, 'Heard It On A Past Life', với phần đệm từ Jon Batiste. Đăng ký kênh "The late show" …


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  1. All the people saying she can’t dance or has too much energy and is “spazzing out” would be lucky to be half as passionate about doing something you love. You don’t think she’s a good dancer? Cool, close your eyes and listen up. You don’t think she’s a good singer? Cool, don’t listen. It’s not that hard to live your own life without hating on another person who is very clearly happy and 10x more successful than you’ll ever be😊

  2. I’ve loved Maggie Rogers from the beginning and she’s only gotten better in the 3+ years since! She’s genuinely talented and infectiously fun and I’m so glad she’s getting the love and attention she deserves!

  3. If you close your eyes this is better.
    I find the Janis Joplin impression a bit distracting (then again, I have adhd, so everything distracts me😂)

    This girl has a great voice and songwriting talent.

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