Mo Rocca Knows His Presidential Pet Trivia


‘Mobituaries’ host and CBS News correspondent Mo Rocca sheds some historic context to President Trump’s lack of a White House pet. Subscribe To…


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  1. It doesn't surprise me, at all, that Donald Trump doesn't like animals. He's probably never had any pets. To Trump, animals are things to eat.

    What I'd like to know, about Donald Trump, is which comedy shows/films are his favourites. I think his choices, if he has any, would be very telling. I'd bet he couldn't answer or, if he did, it would be a peevish answer like 'CNN' or something.

    People (those people still undecided about whether Trump is a monster or not) may be able to get over the fact of his not liking animals (apart from to eat). What will they think of him when they find out he doesn't know what makes him laugh? Humour is such a universally accepted humanizer. What do we think of people that can't laugh at funny stuff?

  2. Of course Trump doesn't have a dog.. he already has a pet.. Melania.. But seriously, psychopathic individuals such as Trump don't want someone else having as much attention as themselves.. Secondly, it would take natural empathy and a need to express love, which he doesn't possess.. .

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