Trong khi đó … Canada Moose Vs. Nai Na Uy


Những câu chuyện lớn nhất trong ngày được gửi qua thông báo đẩy. Phần còn lại được phân phối thông qua phân khúc định kỳ của Stephen, 'Trong khi đó …'…


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  1. Thanks to most comments I had enjoyable funny moments not about politics of these days, as Politics ceases being tolerable when it stirs one to consider hoarding anytime soon, like right now, food and “stuff” and maybe also needing a non electric can opener and Swiss knife and also perhaps a hockey stick for defence

  2. No it wasnt said all of Canada 😂😂

    Dick move Norway, Dick move!
    33’ you know those bastards did that on purpose.
    Fortunately their vanity got the best of them and their statue is a horrifically gaudy display of coating nature in technology. Bravo.

  3. Thanks for the heads up on husbands who sign birthday cards with just their name and their wives ultimately being entombed in walls. Still smiling from this one and impressed by the Hitchcockian imagery. It may not have immediately produced enough LOLs in your audience but it's certainly a keeper for the thinking woman's brand of comedy.

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