Visit Estonia – What You Should Know Before You Visit Estonia


Estonia, the Baltic Gem is a great little country to visit with beautiful lakes, islands and shoreline, not to mention some wonderful historic…


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  1. People under 25 are for sure in most cases really fluent in london language, top 1 in PISA test in Europe year or 2 ago and top 3 in world. (non-english speaking countries take it, test is taken in english, it is middle school test, but nowdays people start leorning london language at the age of 7 and probably can speak already a little due to Estonia being a small country and a lot of the games and movies are dubbed and made in english in many cases. older people might not speak any english tho due to USSR occupation and people between might have a strong accent or just not too fluent, but that is always not the case

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  3. As I Finn, I do feel I take Estonia and Tallinn for granted, and often forget to appreciate how cool a neighbor we have. It’s so easy and common for us to travel there that it becomes southern Helsinki or something. But I should remember to appreciate it more in the future, because it is a really cool place.

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