Donald Trump Is On A Losing Streaking


Republicans and Democrats finally found some common ground: neither can pass a bill in the Senate to reopen the government. Subscribe To “The Late…


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  1. There is no prescription “Opioid Epidemic”, that has been thoroughly debunked, there is an illegal drugs issue. CDC data shows that prescribing is at a ten year low while OD deaths are at a ten year high, the two values actually have an inverse relationship. Ergo, restricting prescription Opioid access is actually counterproductive.

    More importantly policy makers know this & choose to do it anyway, taking medicine away from disabled people & cancer patients just to look like they’re doing something while ignoring the fact that 2/3 of the deaths are due to heroin & illicit fentanyl and that 78% of Rx drug abuse is of diverted drugs, not scripts from doctors.

    Because of this ten thousand of our sick & vulnerable have committed suicide due to pain in the two years since the government crackdown on legitimate prescriptions. That’s at least a dozen disabled people & cancer patients killing themselves every day. 1 in 10 of all deaths of despair are now motivated by pain.

    It is discrimination pure & simple. Politicians, agencies & policy workers see those with poor health as disposable. They take their lives away from them whenever it suits them. They use this issue as an ableist dog whistle knowing full well it is their excessive over-reach in the lives of the American people driving this dynamic that kills our sick & addiction sufferers alike.

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