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James McAvoy tổ chức Saturday Night Live vào ngày 26 tháng 1 năm 2019, với khách mời âm nhạc Meek Mill. #JamesMcAvoy #MeekMill #SNL # SNL44 Đăng ký SNL: …


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  1. Can they stop pairing Leslie with thin short white men to make her out to be superior to them….it’s borderline racist and implied that small men shouldn’t be with people of other races or heights. It’s funny for a big black girl to be with a smaller white guy. How would the opposite feel. I’m not some alt righter- just a passing thought. Let me know what you think. This has been a continuing trend with Leslie in her tenure on snl. Especially with Kyle. It sounds bad out loud but think about it. Like honestly just get her off the show. She’s been the weak link for years now. She cannot act or read lines. One note performer. They fired Jenny slate or Jeanine garafolo after a few episodes. Why is Leslie Jones still around. What iconic moments does she have? And seriously this is not a race thing. She just isn’t funny or talented. Just a loudmouth with big hair like the Long Island medium.

  2. Why so much hating on Leslie? I mean, I find her funny but some of y'all are being mean. Having opinion is totally fine but do something more productive with your life instead of trolling someone who earned what they have. If they keep her on the show, there is a reason why they do.

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