Neil Patrick Harris Used James to Get Out of Jury Duty


James asks Neil Patrick Harris about a recent jury summons, something James hasn’t experienced, and Neil explains how he used his appearance on…


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  1. I skipped jury duty a few times , had an excuse, small town so my mom knew the lady ! That same “lady” later was the court appointed PR of our parents estate because we could not get along….. that woman turned around and gave our house back to the bank , instead of paying the mortgage and they sold the house !!! She got away with it and none of us received a penny …..😞 Guess I should have gone to jury duty…..🙄

  2. I was summoned but not selected. Bit of a disappointment, really. I didn't even get questioned. They found their jury within the first 20 people, so none of the rest of us even got paid. It was interesting to watch, though. A free show.:)

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