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  1. Nice but, as opposed to seamless, Triumph still stamps out a tank with an ugly pinch-weld. Even the lesser Kawi W650 and Honda’s CB1100 has a “seamless” looking tank, everything else looks like a vintage Made in China tin-toy.

  2. 1- you need a rear fender, your license plate was working as one before you relocated it. Unless you don’t mind ruining all of your clothes.

    2- by running the new pipes under the frame you lost ground clearance.

    3- you should consider adding a skid plate, because the oil filter sits outside of the frame carriage.

    I like that you upgraded the entire wheel. That was a smart move.

  3. ohhh yeahhh this bike !! this is just a dream bike for me too… I d love to ride this kind of bike on the beaches of Nigeria where i am actually !
    woud be a lot more sexy to film with my drone, than our old crappy african cross bike we are using with friends now

    nice video !


  4. Sweet bike! What's the name? A bike like that deserves a name. I'm currently having a blast on my '08 Triumph Daytona 675 (Artoria Pendragon). You should take a ride up the coast. Plan on checking out the redwoods and riding Hwy 36. Look me up and we can ride together. Good year and good times.

  5. Loved this!! Looking forward to seeing more Motorcycle adventures from you guys! The Bonneville is such a fantastic base, it's the most versatile model Triumph makes it goes from a beautiful show bike, street bike to a fantastic base for long distance travel. (I love my Tiger and would never get rid of him, but I will admit I've dreamed of owning a Bonnie. I work at Latus Triumph in Portland OR so I get to see them everyday. Hit us up if you're ever in the PNW! )

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