Trump’s Dumb ‘Hall Of Presidents’ Request


Another White House insider wrote a tell-all book, this one detailing what Donald Trump wanted his robotic likeness to say in the Hall of…


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  1. I hate to defend Trump, but he's kinda right. A habitable masonry building is generally limited to 5 or 6 stories – to go higher than that you needed a load-bearing steel frame, which was pioneered in America.

  2. So Trump wanted his Hall of Presidents to connect to his career in real estate over his time as President? In his world, does he think Ronald Reagan quoted Bedtime For Bonzo (1951) on his figure to "connect to his career as an actor"? If so…I kind of want to see his world's version of the Hall Of Presidents.

  3. You know these people don't know that you can find porn for free. Few people will openly admit to watching porn, particularly in order to pay a tax. And any attempts to track people down for watching porn has got to be illegal. Or at least promises several massive lawsuits.

  4. Americans are weirdly obsessed with who invented what.. I don't feel like my national identity as a Canadian is in any way related to the fact that a Canadian likely invented the first plastic garbage bag (sorry about that btw).. Anyway – good luck America ! You need it..

  5. Democrats said they would leave if Trump was elected. Mars sounds like a good destination. Better to outlaw porn. It's a criminal enterprise. Outlaw homosexual marriage, murder of the unborn, and gender reassignment as well. Confiscate all their property and give them all a prison cell.

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