One Of The Greatest Folds In History


Today President Trump joined the great Ben Folds and other luminaries in a truly exclusive club. Subscribe To “The Late Show” Channel HERE: …


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  1. In all the time this moron has been POTUS, I've never heard anyone else call him a bully until today. It's screamingly obvious so maybe everyone just assumed we all thought the same?! Please vote him out ASAP for the sake of the entire planet!

  2. So hundreds of thousands government employees, their families, as well as many businesses catering to their needs, and indirectly many others, they all had to suffer for nothing more than a spoiled brat’s temper tantrum. Why is that little boy still president?

  3. I'm all for comedy. But honestly, you crap all over him (rightly so) because of his stupid border wall, then you crap all over him when he finally capitulates. Not a fan of trump, but that seems a tad excessive.

  4. Trump cried, he begged, be pleaded, he tantrummed for his trillion dollar mountain moving paper weight that would've worsened our immigration everything. And he didn't get it. Victory for America!

  5. As I understand it, the bill he will sign is pretty much the one he said in December that he'd sign, but then he changed his mind and vetoed it and closed the government because… his feelings were hurt and that's a National Emergency in any (trumptard's) book. I'm glad the little woman Speaker of the House figuratively slapped some sense into him. It's doubtful that the lesson will stick, but it has been fun to watch!

  6. Don't taunt him coz he'll just do it all again in three weeks!!!! Actually I reckon he only opened for three weeks so he could do the State of the Union address say "Nur nur nurnur nur" to Nancy Pelosi, or as he calls her … Nancy 😱, and then shut it down again coz he's a fckn spoilt child. (Which is a huge insult to actual spoilt children everywhere.)

  7. Trump and his Republican toadies in Congress are not defeated yet. They are just taking a break because too many people were upset with them over the 35 day partial shut-down. Expect Trump to come back with the same obnoxious demands once all the fuss has died down. And expect the spineless Republicans in Congress to continue to kiss Trump's butt. There may have to be a series of continuing resolutions to temporarily fund the federal government until Trump is out of office and a reasonable, sane adult is US president.

  8. And can’t you just imagine Pence, Ryan, Graham now showering him with praise like desperate dog trainers?
    Repeating their mantra “Reward the good behaviour, ignore the bad.” whilst praying he’ll change 😂

    It ain’t gonna work, guys, it’s time to give up.(even Cesar Milan would shoot this dog 😱)

  9. How did President Trump fold? All he did was get the federal workers out of the equation and paid again. In 21 days, the border wall/barrier WILL be moving forward with or without Democrats support. The question is, will Democrats try to get something out of a deal, or will they remain steadfast in their petulant resistance and not get anything? He's done playing games.

  10. POTUS TRUMP thought it was going to be a Pillow Ezi fight. FOOL didn't realise it was a PELOSI fight, far more lethal. She's not one of the 'babes' that he's used to dealing with. LOSER BIGLY. That was only Round 1!

  11. People ridiculing President Trump are suffering from cognitive dissonance. Stop watching CNN and MSNBC. I was a die- hard- toe- the- party- line Democrat since Carter then 2 ½ years ago I started watching Fox News and started hearing News that wasn’t even being mentioned on the Liberal MSM and I began to realize the extreme biases and outright lies being told by the liberal MSM. Do me a favor try watching Tucker, Hannity, and Ingraham for one week and then decide whose presenting the more truthful narrative. What have you got to lose but some ill-conceived ideas and beliefs accumulated from years of irrational Liberal Brainwashing. Don’t you get tired of this irrational imbecilic B.S. that this Left wing Hack/so called comedian Colbert spews out every night. !

  12. I was first relieved that it was over, then terrified that people making fun of him would cause him to take it back and return to the shutdown, and finally relieved again when I checked and saw that he'd already signed the thing.

  13. Whoever is in charge of the YouTube videos, I BEG you, please get rid of the closing snippet with the Ed Sullivan Theater and the same bit of theme music ending every video. Every. Single. Video. Binge viewing, or at least viewing of a few videos by the same account in a row, is common. With the repetition of this sound bite, I know I become so irritated that I have to stop watching. I reluctantly admit that  the sound actually sends me into a blind rage now. I know that's not reasonable, but it is what it is. Also, the links are completely pointless to anyone using their television or phone to watch the video, which I suspect would be the overwhelming majority of YouTube viewers. The sometimes used first closing title screen (with the white background, airtime information, and social media account info) would be the perfect closing screen, and could use either the same background music as the rest of the video, or for videos not featuring background music, you could ask Jon Batiste if he minds coming up with a few soundbites.  Ending the whole video with that would be an excellent solution!! Or you could make a few different closing sequences and rotate through them. There are so many options.  Get creative with it, if that's something that tickles your fancy. To be clear, I don't mind seeing the same screen at the end of every video, just the repetitive sound. I am aware that this is not something that matters in the grand scheme of things (unless the repetitious nature of the sound in the videos now causes someone important to lose their mind). But I really do think it would increase your views; and it would be a great relief to fans whom want to watch all of your videos, instead of one or two. Thank you so much for reading this, if you do. I know it's not that serious, but please take my musings into consideration.

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