Trong khi đó … Trình điều khiển Wienermobile Muốn!


Trong khi đó … Cuộc gọi mở của Oscar May dành cho các tài xế của Viennaermobile khiến Stephen phải suy ngẫm về một sự thay đổi nghề nghiệp. Đăng ký kênh "The late show" …


27 Nhận xét

  1. Vehicular Sausaging is right up there with Double Stuff! Imagine the taxes that could be had with that porn flick! Double Stuff's Rear End Troubles With Driving Hot Doggers…. Build a wall across Canada right there!

  2. meanwhile, I'd rather put people to sleep in comfort and still get double stuff lol I put my kids to sleep and others to sleep your discription of sleeping in a wennie isn't appealing and I'm going to be a grandma, do grandma's ride on wennie's some do some don't. the gift of a better sleep is a good thing.

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