Cập nhật cuối tuần: Ứng dụng Vatican – SNL


Cập nhật cuối tuần neo Colin Jost và Michael Che giải quyết những tin tức lớn nhất trong tuần, như spa bia đầu tiên trên thế giới. #SNL #JamesMcAvoy #MeekMill …


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  1. I actually kind of like Che's idea. We only have one HBCU in Oklahoma, and it's in the middle of nowhere. See how they like having to drive for an hour to get literally anywhere! The only fun thing to do on campus is visiting some goats! (That's not even a joke. There's a big-ass sign when you drive in that just says "Goat Research".)

  2. Click To Prostrate, the new app developed by The Caliphate allows Muslims around the world to pray with the Caliph.
    Replacing the current app for Muslim prayers; Grindr.

    Alternative punchlines are these other actual apps: iSlam Muhammad, Jew or Not Jew, and Drone+ (an app that told you when american airstrikes are launched. Start praying!)

  3. There is a beer spa in Riga, Latvia and it has been there for like last 5 years at least. Never have been there, so not sure if it differs from Icelandic one, but them calling it the first in the world is a stretch,

  4. I think that is actually a really good idea for a student caught using racial slurs and imagery. Expulsion from original school, tack a year or two longer on their school required curriculum (perhaps loading their coursework up with historical implications of racial intolerance classes), and be forced to attend a historically black/latino/asian/etc college, if they want a diploma. Win/Win for everyone involved.

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