Cliff Sims đã giúp quản lý danh sách kẻ thù của Trump


Cliff Sims, tác giả của Nhà Trắng nói với tất cả, 'Nhóm Vipers', đã thấy mọi thứ từ danh sách kẻ thù của Donald Trump đến Kellyanne …


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  1. The people in the audience should have caught this guy when he left and beat the shit out of him for what he has done to the country ! He admits he is a snake and he is the kind of person to fullfill Trump`s will. That`s enough right there to mess him up !

  2. Colbert did a smooth job of putting this self-serving, bible-thumping scum in his place, but I am seriously disappointed that he didn't first squeeze the identity of Enemy #1 from him, before the polite handshake and bidding him a not-so-sweet "'Team Of Vipers' – in stores now!" adieu.

  3. To me this tells me where christians are at .. Playing Both Sides. it sure would be nice to just have some honesty. last time i checked that Jesus guy was pretty big on that.

    W. S. Mc Fadyen on Cliff Sims who calls himself a christian and tries to make amends in a lukewarm fashion.

    At this point it sure seems like everything is about marching orders and nothing about the Heart Awakened !

  4. Have you repented for your Sins? There are a lot of so called Christians out there supporting the work of the Evil One aka Donald Trump and not understanding they have turned their back on God and it’s no so easy to come back and just say forgive me for my sins.

  5. That's exactly why they are Traitors. Him, like others before him, have left the White House, written a book about their experiences and have expressed a sense of guilt for having done something wrong to the American people. He said so himself that in the beginning, many of them were power hungry and instead of doing what's right for the American people they did not stand up to the President when they knew something would be harmful to American Government. Not only did they not speak up, helped craft these harmful situations. I commend him and others for coming forward and sharing their insight but in my opinion they need to do more if redemption is what they are seeking. They didn't speak up when they were into the White House and Trump was tearing the country apart but they can speak up now against his harmful policies going forward. Otherwise nothing has changed, they are still the same. We'll see what happens.

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