Colin Quinn khi sống sót sau một cơn đau tim và đánh Broadway (Phỏng vấn mở rộng)


Colin Quinn thử một số tài liệu trong trường hợp anh ta được thuê để đối mặt với những cơn đau tim, trò chuyện đủ lâu để Jimmy trở thành nhân vật phản diện …


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  1. I love how awkward Colin gets on these late night shows. Its the same as Patrice was, and how they both were on Tough Crowd; being real, but self destructive around the showbiz vibe.

    You can see him thinking “what am I going to do once I pull out this metro card?”

  2. This is fucking hilarious. I love Colin Quinn. He does some of the best "deconstruction of comedy" type comedy of anyone (John Mulaney also comes to mind). Which is why most people are bewildered by him. He enjoys messing with Fallon as is plainly obvious here, but also obvious is the love between a mentor and a mentee that they share. Unrelated note: He used to eat every once in a while at the old diner I often had lunch in on 12th St and Union Square, until it (like most old diners in Manhattan) closed down. Never got the nerve to tell him I liked him on Weekend Update, and then the place was gone. But it's good to see him back in form.

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