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Trống, xin vui lòng! Đã đến lúc danh sách hàng năm các sản phẩm TOP của tôi từ trang điểm, chăm sóc da và làm đẹp cho năm 2018. Tôi yêu Holy Grails vì nó thực sự …


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  1. Those products are so expensive! I prefer to use Korean skin care & makeup. It is very good quality and affordable, I have being using it for years. This is my favorite youtube channel about korean and japanese makeup and skin care: "thebeautybreakdown"

  2. Can you do a video like putting together a "box" for your teenage daughter/ or almost teenage girl. The box would contain feminine hygiene products & different choices to use when they start their menstrual cycle. That way they can try the different products & choose what choice they prefer. Also skin care/ masks ( we know teens break out) naturally looking makeup. deodorant or antiperspirants. Exe
    I want to put together a cute "becoming of age" box for my 2 daughters. I want it to contain all the products they will need. Give them the option of trying different products. Along with having fun things light makeup, skin care masks exe.
    I would really be interested in seeing what someone else would put in the box. It would really help

  3. Hi Jen! I’m also a YouTuber that’s Korean AND named Jenn! So awesome to stumble across your channel 😍 something that I have loved for my face this year is the Flour setting powder by Beauty Bakerie. Check it out from ultra. It’s amazing and your makeup does not crease!

  4. I've been watching you since I just started high school (now in my 4th year in uni) and I remember you using cannonball when I was younger! I can't believe you still use it and it is still your favourite!! Sending you so much love! I appreciate you <3

  5. Hi Jen! Longtime fan here! I would love to see a cruelty free or even vegan favorites video! A lot of people in the beauty community are going this route, and so I tend to not really watch beauty videos anymore if most things listed are luxury or animal tested (or both). Might be more accessible for people if you did a general favorites, cruelty free favorites, and drug store favorites, since you do like doing favorites videos! 🙂 Much love xoxo

  6. Any time I need a new make up or skin product I stop by to see what you recommend and I just go buy it! Being Korean myself, I don't even need to do a color match. So thank you so much for these videos and doing all the work! So appreciate it!

  7. LISTEN JEN: As a former devotee of the church of Cannonball (indoctrinated by you of course), I found something to usurp its throne. It's a Japanese mascara called Kiss Me Heroine Make Super Waterproof Long and Curl (woo, mouthful). I've been using it for the past year and it's completely incredible, I've been asked if I was wearing falsies and it does not budge, ever. I did still get occasional smudging with the Cannonball if it was a super oily day. But, I have the straight Asian lash curse as well as the oily eyelids and this is truly the best mascara I've ever found. I don't know if I'll ever trust another mascara again. It also comes in a volumizing version (I bought it once my accident) and it's good as well, but I'm a length girl rather than a volume girl so I prefer that one!

  8. thank you so much for the recommends! I'm a long time viewer and I have bought so many different products that I love because of your vids. I'm a Korean American hooded monolidder so its nice to have a beauty guru that is has similar beauty concerns and has educated and well researched recommendations. I was nodding my head so much during this vid. thanks again! 🙂

  9. I love you and your videos, Jen, but I don't watch a lot of them anymore because I started watching you almost 10 years ago when I was 13 and had no idea how to do makeup properly, and now that I know how, I don't feel the need to watch makeup tutorials anymore. I also can't afford high end makeup which I feel is the type of makeup products you use such as in this video, but I still love you 🙂

  10. I’m disappointed you are recommending Kat Von D’s tattoo liner since she does not believe in vaccines. I understand there is no such thing as ethical consumption in capitalism, however there are many amazing eyeliners whose companies do not support that rhetoric. You already have two other eyeliners are your list. There are people who have compromised immune systems who rely on herd immunity in order to survive such as myself.

  11. Why did I just discover your channel now??? Where have you been all my life? I love love love how you didn't just list trendy, popular products from 2018 but shared with us your honest favorites even if they're underrated or oldies!

  12. Thank you so much for staying true to yourself in your videos! I love that you gave your honest, and thorough thoughts on each product, without lengthening the video with unnecessary fillers. I will definitely continue to watch every video of yours and recommend you to others as well. Happy 2019!

  13. I used to use Lancôme, but after some researches, the genefique serum has a lot of silicon in it. Heads up for someone who is very sensitive or has congested skin. The Lancôme foundation is very long lasting becoz it has porcelain in the ingredients.

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