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Một kế hoạch khả thi để đưa quân tới Colombia chỉ là một điều mà cuốn sổ tay của John Bolton vô tình tiếp xúc với công chúng. Theo dõi "Cuối …


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  1. I'd like to break both Trumps legs, dump shards of glass on the floor, then set the White House on fire. That be entertaining. Watching Trumps fat mangled ass trying to crawl out a burning building with pieces of glass sticking out his face. Things I'd never wish on my enemy I wish on Trump. Trump deserves to die a slow, painful, horrible, long agonizing death.

  2. It defies description that creeps like Bolton are In charge of our foreign policy. Little wonder that our reputation around the world is so horrific, contrary to what this administration would have citizens think. All because of bought and paid for sociopaths like Bolton.

  3. Since mankind's dawn, a handful of oppressors have accepted the responsibility over our lives that we should have accepted for ourselves. By doing so, they took our power. By doing nothing, we gave it away. We've seen where their way leads, through camps and wars, towards the slaughterhouse……

  4. We need a distraction, so as soon as the muller report comes out we will learn that all along it was Venezuela who was behind the drugs being brought into the us and wait moral and humanitarian issues have become worst. Like they are not now.. every president needs a good war

  5. Trumpenstein's Monster (aka The Making of John Bolton)

    He worked through the day and the night
    To find the man who would be right
    For National Security
    He needed complete surety
    But alas there was no-one in sight

    Then he thought "wait, I know construction!
    And with some spare parts (and abduction)
    I'll make one who distracts
    With illegal war acts
    So I can be cleared of obstruction"

    His creation (a Bolton) his neck
    Was secured to keep his head in check
    Then with buckles and belts
    Binding old human pelts
    The creature sat up and said "Heck!"

    But Trump soothed the beast saying "don't fret
    I have not finished with you quite yet
    Although some bits are missing
    (Like the part that's for p*ssing)
    Look I've got one right here, though it's wet"

    So then Trumpenstein quickly started to fashion
    A system of pulleys to help him to lash on
    The assembly stage by stage
    Strapping on the appendage
    Saying "It will help first to get this moustache on

    For it will give me somewhere to grip
    While I ram this thing into your hip"
    Then Bolton said "to adhere
    You can grab onto each ear
    I can bear it, I'll just bite my lip"

    Then with surgical keyhole precision
    Trumpenstein made his final incision
    And as he entered the beast
    Then came with passion released
    His shuddering climactic decision

    For Bolton, he was surely the man
    Who would do everything that he can
    To keep Trump satisfied
    With him deeply inside
    Consummately fulfilling his plan

    Thanks again to Double Don Tinder (of Double Don Tinder's Double Entendres) for supplying the double entendres.

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