Tại sao Chris Christie vẫn kết bạn với Trump?


Stephen muốn biết tác giả 'Hãy để tôi kết thúc' Chris Christie thoát khỏi tình bạn với Donald Trump. Theo dõi "Chương trình muộn" …


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  1. He sounds like Trump, desperate to be liked. He said he doesn't care what people think of him but then he insists that Colbert's staff was cheering for him backstage?? Lol what??! This guy has weird insecurity issues, he's like a bombastic asskisser

  2. His(Chris's) drinking habit is the big reason behind his obesity. See, Liver is the only organ capable of metabolizing ethanol, and when hepatocytes_the metabolically superactive cells of liver metabolize ethanol, it produces acetaldehyde, and further metabolizm of acetaldehyde generates NADH from NAD(nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) which shifts the redox potential of the cell and which increases shunting of substrates away from catabolism and toward lipid biosynthesis. and also ethanol impairs assembly and secretion of lipoproteins. This excess lipid is made available to the systemic circulation and also slowly builds up in the hepatocytes too causing steatosis, the first sign of alcoholic liver disease. but am sure Mr Christie already has a designated organ donor named ted cruz

  3. every Republican who wants remain in politics has to kiss That spanked ass as long as long as that Deplorable , Nazi , Racist , Conspiracy Nut Base is with the Orange clown . As simple is that . That's not Trump's Base but the Republican Base which he just licensed his name on just like he did with his other business Adventures . I'm a Practical person that's why I don't judge Christie .

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