Trong khi đó … Một viên thuốc chữa khỏi sự cô đơn


Trong khi đó … các nhà khoa học đang nghiên cứu một viên thuốc cho sự cô đơn. Đăng ký kênh "Chương trình muộn" TẠI ĐÂY: Để biết thêm …


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  1. Loneliness is a pain, like any other. It tells you that something is wrong. I can see why people with chronic incurable pain would need relief, but I'd hate to see otherwise healthy people numbing themselves as a matter of course. It is possible to injure yourself emotionally, or fail to address underlying things if you are numb to your pain, and to underestimate the feelings of others.

  2. Please tell Christie that his after the fact 8bservation is Italian poop.
    He's still a Republucrat, he talks badly of members of his own party, he's a lazy, morbidly obese has been so gee why won't Re- pubs get elected?
    Because they are mostly lazy white boys who got the job by having a dick. Were it not for politics, they'd be selling insurance in Hoboken, NJ.

  3. Holly crap! I went down tho YouTube rabbit hole of Bigfoot, and Dogman recently, so when he mentioned the boy the first thin I thought of was the Dogman. Shivers went down my spine when he mentioned a bear.

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