Tuyên bố nhập cư của Trump là ngay lập tức 'Sicario'


Donald Trump đã đưa ra một loạt các yêu sách đặc biệt, chưa được xác minh về người nhập cư dường như đến trực tiếp từ 'Sicario: Ngày của …


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  1. It absolutely does not surprise me that a movie about CIA meddling disrupting political landscapes in other countries, an organization which has been stacked with and infiltrated by white nationalists for decades, now informs the ideas of the president of the United States.

  2. I hope Trump watches The Boondock Saints now: "And after we take care of the Mexicans, we need to hang up the "Irish need not apply" signs again, they sneak into penthouses through airducts, fall through the ceiling while tied up in rope, and then gun down every Russian in the room."

  3. "Never Stops to amaze me how money makes people think they know what they don't know"
    Well, i will tell you why Mr. Stephen… it is when we invite them to talk shows and ask them what they think about things that has absolutely nothing to do with their major or sector of business and clap for them, they believe they are Gods…

    Like asking Mark Zackerburg about politics, science, medicine, space, etc…………………. and publish them as words from the prophet… while he simply was a "smart" web developer and hit the big multibillion prize!
    Same goes to Besos, Elon, Warren, Bill, etc…………………

  4. Trump: The immigrants are a real threat I tell you. Our very brave Border Agents saw one trying to cross the border today, just today this happened, and when the opened fire on him, they found out that this immigrant had a solid metal skeleton! They have this technology, believe me. They have this technology that makes them robots, and immune to our very strong bullets!

  5. I wish they could postpone Mueller til after Trump gets out of office. I would love to see footage of the FBI making that arrest. I'd take off work to come yell 'Lock him up!' on the courthouse steps as they led him inside in handcuffs 😄

  6. This guy Howard Schultz is truly despicable, he's a billionaire with net worth of over $3B, yet he's so terrified of progressive democrats like Bernie, Warren and AOC who are proposing bills that will make the rich and big corporations pay their fair share in tax, that he's willing to do everything to keep Trump in office. But I don't think his plan of splitting the vote from the Dems is actually gonna work since his policies are more in line with republicans like anti tax for the rich, anti medicare for the poor, anti livable wage etc. I doubt there will be many democratic voters are gonna vote for such a corporatist billionaire.

  7. Roger Stone is the Dodger in Thief's oldest friend and political adviser.
    Donald John Trump refers to Roger Stone as "my fixer".
    Hours after Roger Stone's arrest, the great Drumpfen Wall fizzled out as a stale can of soda left in the Sun.
    Pffffftt, just like that and it was flushed straight down the proverbial drain.
    That is quite literally the writing on the wall for the corrupted Trump Vladministration 😂

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