What The Hell Is Going On With ‘Global Waming?’


Against the backdrop of the president’s climate change doubts, Stephen offers a new deodorant suggestion to Acting AG Matthew Whitaker. Subscribe…


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  1. “Climate Change” isn’t real saysTrump! “Suck it up America, you’re only imagining it’s freakishly cold, and that you can afford to pay your heating bills while working without pay.” He and his family are toasty warm while watching Fox on the big screen and preheated means of transportation from “gig to gig, mansion to mansion”!!! His layers of blubber keep him warm for the few steps outdoors he has to take to his climate controlled government buildings, cars, planes etc… What a moronic Pres and first family. I think they need to be deported to Russia with their own kind. They elected him so they must like him there. In the best interest of our country’s security and safety.. He’s had 2 years too many to confuse, dismantle and divide our country. Times up, enough already!!!

  2. Ya know what? If Trump is really not that concerned about Climate Change, we should put him in a harsh climate with nary a piece of clothing on his back. We'll tell him that the ultimate proof that climate change doesn't exist is that he won't freeze after 7 days.

  3. The brink of insanity.

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  4. The Sun controls the Climate and the weather. It's electric. Not nuclear. The Earth's magnetosphere is changing and more cosmic influences like cosmic rays make it through the atmosphere. Some heat the magma. They cause increased cloud nucleation. More rain. More snow. Larger hail. It's NOT CO2. It's not YOU. It's not Trump (even an idiot can guess right from time to time). It's the SUN. Start reviewing the SCIENCE and not the media reports. We are entering into a GRAND SOLAR MINIMUM. More volcanoes. More sulfuric acid in the stratosphere. More water vapor reflecting more sunlight back into space. The narrative of global warming changing to climate change is suspicious enough and yet you hardly noticed. Global warming FREEZING the ENTIRE MIDWEST is idiotic. CO2 slows plant growth is simply FALSE. It's PLANT FOOD! Y'all going to eat some crow on this topic during the next few years. Agendas don't mean squat. The Sun may micro nova within your lifetime. THAT is what the obfuscation is about. Distracted for tax dollars to build underground bunkers that you will not be allowed to enter. Look for the CIA document "The Adam and Eve Story" by Chan Thomas. Blow your hair way back.

  5. "Forget the masculine toilet, [Whitaker] needs to invent a head anti-perspirent. I suggest 'Keeping the President's Secret'… strong enough for a man, but made for a toady." Hah! 😃

  6. What's hilarious is not trump pretending not to understand global warming, but people believing and supporting this irony.
    Climate change works as follow: it makes warm areas warmer and with less precipitations, and turn cold places like england and alaska to icy deserts.

  7. Matthew Whitaker looks as if someone turned his office temperature up to 1000 degrees! I didn’t sweat that much when I was sixteen and my dad walked into my bedroom and I had to shove a lit joint into a dresser drawer until he left! It was a very long five minutes, much like Whitaker’s!

  8. Oh well we only have 12 years till the end of the world. It will be over soon enough. First it was the ozone in the 90s. Global warming in 2000. Now it’s Climate Change…. they don’t know what’s going on with the earth.

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